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Garrett Chapel
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Bluff Point, NY 14478
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Roofing and Gutter Project

Effective immediately, due to the active construction project with potential risk of falling debris, the Garrett Chapel grounds and building will be closed to visitors between 7am and 6pm daily until work is complete. The chapel grounds will remain open from 6pm to sunset daily, and on Saturday and Sunday, as well as upcoming holidays.

Garret Memorial Chapel Roofing Project

In recent years, Garrett Chapel has begun to see some aspects of the roofing and gutter system fail, resulting in water in the building in a number of areas. As part of ongoing preservation and restoration efforts, a project to repair failing sections of the roof and replace the gutters began April 9th. 

This project is being guided by Bero Architecture, with work being executed by Easton Specialties Inc..  The project will remove approximately 3 feet of roofing around the perimeter, replace ice and water shield, flashings, and create a unbroken drip edge into a new gutter system.  Rough drawings of the plan are attached here.  Work is anticipated to be completed by June 1, 2016. “


Attention Please

Sometime on March 9th, a person or person(s) broke into Garrett Chapel by throwing a large rock through a stained glass window to gain entry. The perpetrators were not caught and remain at large. Thankfully, the damage is limited to this window, as they encountered locked doors and did not attempt farther access. However, the window is an original 1929 Frederick Wilson work of historic importance.

Experts from Judson Studios and Pike Stained Glass are collaborating on how to best preserve the remaining window and to determine an approach to restoration, if possible.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Yates County Sheriff's office.

Garret Memorial Chapel Broken Window Garret Memorial Chapel Broken Window

Garrett Chapel is grateful for any information leading to arrest of the perpetrators.

We also welcome contributions to the restoration of this important window, and improvements in security systems to reduce future incidents. Thank You!

UPDATE, April 27 - A contract for window restoration has been signed with The Judson Studios for the restoration of the broken stained glass window. Full restoration may take up to a year, but this team retains the original window drawing and the skilled artisans to complete this complex project.

Insurance has covered much of the cost, and the balance has been made up by the many donors who contributed to restoration immediately following the break in. Any remaining funds will be used to enhance protection of the windows or enhance the security systems at Garrett Chapel. THANK YOU to the many community members for your outpouring of support that makes this restoration possible.”

Garrett Memorial Chapel



The Garrett Chapel, also known as the “Little Chapel on the Mount” was built by Evelyn and Paul Garrett, who founded and ran Garrett and Company from 1902 until 1940. Garrett and Company was once among the largest wine producers in the world, with peak output exceeding 10 million gallons per year. Much of the grapes were grown on this very spot, on approximately 4000 acres of land in the Finger Lakes.

Today, the Garrett Chapel stands as the last significant remnant of this once great organization. The chapel was erected in memory of Evelyn and Paul's son Charles, who died of tuberculosis in 1929. Many of the Garrett children died young, and Charles was the only son to survive to adulthood. With him died the family name and the heir apparent of Garrett and Company. Survived by his parents and three sisters, the family sought to commemorate his life and the principles to which they subscribed by building this chapel on the place he loved most – Bluff Point. » Read More «

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To View the inside of the chapel:
Open hours: 1 - 4pm Tuesday and Thursday (Through the end of September)
Sundays immediately following services for approximately 30 - 45 minutes

Photography: We get many requests and questions about photography on the chapel grounds. If the grounds are open, exterior photos are permissible as long as the activity is not disruptive to the enjoyment of others. The grounds are closed for scheduled weddings. For wedding calendar dates Click Here. The grounds will close at the end of October.

2016 Services

Garrett Chapel is an active Summer church between
July 4th and Labor Day. Services are at 9am.

Garrett Chapel
July 3 The Rt. Rev. Prince G. Singh, VII Bishop in Rochester
July 10 The Rev. Dan Burner, Rector, St.Mark’s Episcopal Church, Penn Yan
July 17  
July 24 The Rev. Eric Detar, Chaplain at Keuka College
July 31 The Very Rev. David Hefling, Dean of the Northeast District and Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Canandaigua
August 8 The Rev. James Gerling, Honorably Retired, The Presbytery of Geneva
August 14 The Rev. James Gerling
August 21  
August 28 The Rev. Lesley Adams, Honorably retired from being the Chaplain at Hobart and William Smith College
Sept. 4 The Rev. Anne Waasdorp, Honorably Retired, The Presbytery of Genesee Valley

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2016 Sunday Services Schedule

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