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5251 Skyline Drive
Bluff Point, NY 14478
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The Garrett Chapel, also known as the “Little Chapel on the Mount” was constructed by Paul and Evelyn Garrett. They managed Garrett and Company, one of the largest wine producers in the US from 1867 to 1962. While there were operations all over the US, the Garretts called the vineyards on Bluff Point home each summer from 1917 to 1940.

The Chapel was built in memory of their only son, Charles, who died of tuberculosis in 1929. On his deathbed, Charles asked to be returned to the place he loved best – Bluff Point. Today, the Chapel serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family and the significance of our region to the history of American wine making.

Building Significance
Garrett Memorial Chapel The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the last significant remnant of Garrett and Company, its use of a number of novel building materials and techniques, and for the extensive collection of unique stained glass windows, including the last windows ever made by the distinguished artist Frederick Wilson.
Community Role
In Paul Garrett’s words, he and Evelyn chose to expand beyond a memorial, and instead “cast a sermon in stone”, and share much of their progressive views on religion and spirituality, building a seasonal chapel for the community. Since inception, the “Little Chapel on the Mount” has served as a seasonal chapel from July 4 to Labor Day each year. In addition, over 500 weddings have been conducted.

Garrett Memorial Chapel


Garrett Chapel is under the ecclesiastic care of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, but in a unique arrangement all maintenance and operations are funded through a separate non-profit organization called the Garrett Chapel Trust. The trust maintains a small endowment which covers approximately 50% of annual operating costs. Contributions from donors make up the difference, and fund all building restoration.

The Chapel was deeded to the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester in 1931. However, it is solely supported by a private nonprofit 501c3 organization which is responsible for all aspects of stewardship, care, and maintenance.

To View the inside of the chapel:
Open hours: 1 - 4pm Tuesday and Thursday (Through the end of September)
Sundays immediately following services for approximately 30 - 45 minutes

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2019 Garrett Chapel Ministry Schedule

Services will begin on Sunday, June 30th and end on September 1st, 2019.
Services are at 9am.

Garrett Chapel
June 30th Rev. Anne Waasdorp
July 7th Rev. Dan Burner
July 14th Rev. Eric Detar
July 21st JJ Warren
July 28th Rev. Canon Johnnie Ross
August 4th Rev. David Hefling
August 11th Rev. Dr. Melanie Dugid-May
August 18th Rev. Dr James Kerr
August 25th Rev. James Gerling
Sept. 1st Rt. Rev. Prince Singh
Garrett Chapel

Nature’s elements have conspired to threaten the Chapel’s future. Seasonal use, steep hillside construction, use of unique materials have combined for a difficult preservation challenge.

While the Garrett Chapel Trust has received recognition from the New York State Landmark Society for its care of this historic gem, funding remains the primary constraint in ongoing care and restoration efforts.

Community support has been the primary vehicle for restoration projects. care, and maintenance.


Restoration Plan Summary Garrett Chapel Trust
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Date: 11/2002 - 5/2005 Date: 4/2004 - 7/2006 Date: 5/2009 - 5/2012
  • Historical renovation planning and investigation

  • Secure bell tower and weather vane from large scale deterioration

  • Urgent preventative repairs to roof and flashing (east roof and bell tower)

  • Urgent preventative repairs and improvements to gutter and storm drainage


  • Urgent preventative upgrades to all mechanical systems (electric, lighting, and lightning suppression)

  • Urgent repairs to exterior cast stone to reduce falling debris hazards

  • Partial completion of most urgent repairs to paths, walkways, handrails, and other hazards

  • ADA planning

  • Partial completion of ADA plan – improved parking, accessibility and sanctuary access


  • Replace bell support and improve belfry roof

  • Preventative Improvements to building air ventilation

  • Re-grade and improve drainage of access road to reduce building moisture and safety

  • Rebuild stone walls on walkways major slopes improve safety

  • Rebuild iron entry gates to improve safety

  • Improved accessibility through additional off-street parking

  • Refit and grout all terrace floors to improve safety

  • Cast stone assessment and emergency bracing


Phase 4 Phase 5 Future Projects
Date: 5/2015 - 10/2016 Target Date: Fall 2017 Target Date: TBD
  • Replace roof, gutters, and downspouts

  • Plan and estimate crypt restoration


  • Cast stone repairs necessary to reopen south end of terrace, and privent falling debris

Estimate - $90,000

  • Complete crypt restoration

Estimate - $300,000

  • Implementation of ADA plan, likely to include wheel chair access to main sanctuary and installation of accessible bathrooms

  • Preventative restoration of “at risk” exterior detail elements and stonework

  • Improvements to protect stained glass windows

  • Completion of repairs and improvements to paths, walkways, and handrails to improve accessibility

  • Restoration of landscaping

  • Cosmetic restoration of exterior and interior detail elements

Estimate: $800,000 to $1,200,000

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